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Portland Furniture Removal and Hauling

Old Furniture Removal in Portland

We Haul Old Furniture and Dispose of it in Portland. Low Rate Furniture Hauling Portland Oregon

Furniture Removal in Portland Oregon

Old Furniture Hauling Portland OR is super easy Admit it, when you first get brand new furniture, it’s all you think about, it’s sort of like a new relationship, exciting and full of promising adventures. You spend all day at work thinking about coming home and settling into the soft cushions and watching the game or your favorite show with a carton of ice cream or a freshly popped bag of sweet kettle corn. Or maybe how your brand new coffee table compliments your newly painted walls, whatever it is, there’s still one lingering issue, which is; what do you do with your old furniture? Now your best option is to do what you see others do, and that is set it outside your house, put a for free sign on it and hope someone takes it away in the middle of the night, meanwhile your house looks unsightly while it sits there. So this really isn’t your best option after all, but there is another way.

That way is Rose City Hauling, the solution to your old furniture removal problem. Rose City Hauling is the city of Portland’s number one junk removal company and it just so happens that we specialize in old furniture removal. What makes us number one is not only our hassle free affordable rates, but also our availability, since Rose City Hauling is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 Pm. That’s right, so whatever your schedule is, it’s guaranteed that Rose City Hauling Portland Junk Removal will be able to come out and remove your old furniture.

To schedule a time for your old furniture removal in Portland, all you have to do is call Rose City Hauling at 503-388-3322 and you will speak with a hauling specialist, who will quote you a price and once agreed upon, our Junk Haulers will come out and take that old furniture off your hands. It’s just that easy. Don’t let a little thing like your old furniture get in the way of enjoying your brand new furniture. Do yourself a favor and call the old furniture removal specialists in Portland, Rose City Hauling and have us take the burden off your hands. You deserve it!